The world is full of surprising patterns, beautiful lines and intriguing movements. There is a constant play between the natural elements and the objects around us. For my work I capture moments of these always changing compositions and detach images from their original context. By using various media and collaborations with others I try to rediscover the things I thought I knew. 

In my opinion everyone can benefit from a bigger sense of wonder. Due to existing in a world that is more and more perceived virtually, it is important to be physically present and stay connected to our surroundings.


There is a immense beauty hidden in everything around us, the only thing we have to do is look…

07/17 - 01/18  

09/15 - Present       


03/18 - 09/18 

Bachelor Product Design at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Exchange at Srishti institute of art design and technology, Bangalore, India


Internship at Vlisco B.V. Helmond, The Netherlands