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[tukku] ~ Kannada, Karnataka, India

rust, rusted 


The idea of Tuku was born out of a deep appreciation of weathered walls and doors. The fascination of how time and exposure to the elements create the most beautiful art. Art that is in continuous change, created by synergies of elements.


This symbolizes two foundations of Tuku: Change and Unity. Change implies creation which nourishes our inspirations. Unity, being in harmony with the world around and within us, leads to synergies. Both stimulate us to create to the best of our capabilities. Tuku is a token of creativity. 


Copper is essential to all living organisms. The element has been used for centuries because of its energy conducting properties. Copper helps to balance out the body, removes blockages and helps you to align with your inner-self. It stimulates love, harmony and consciousness.


The goal of a token is to inspire and push for action. That is why part of the revenues of Tuku is donated to Bridges for Music. A non-profit organisation that is running a music academy in a township in Cape Town and that is changing the lives of people by creativity.



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